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This Can Turn Your Cat From Healthy to Helpless in a Shockingly Short Time

In reality it affects your cat over time, not overnight. But since you can't see the change taking place internally, you owe it to your kitty and yourself to make sure she gets this each and every day. Because without it you could end up with a very sick cat, like this one with heart failure.

cat taurine deficiency


  • A previously healthy 10-year-old cat developed breathing difficulties and was subsequently diagnosed with a heart disease associated with taurine deficiency
  • Felines have a greater need for taurine in the diet than other animals. Deficiencies take awhile to appear and cause significant damage to a cat’s health
  • Taurine concentrations in meat vary widely depending on how the food animals are raised and the way in which the meat is stored and prepared
  • Most cats fed a nutritionally balanced, fresh meat-based diet won’t need supplemental taurine
  • Cooked homemade pet diets should be supplemented with taurine, and all commercial cat foods should contain supplemental taurine

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