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Nearly Half Still Believe This Painful but Persistent Dog Myth — Do You?

Astonishingly, when researchers told participants that these dog pairs were siblings and asked them to explain the differences, 42% claimed the differences were due to genetic variations. Not this painful process inflicted on them by owners and breeders.

dog tail docking ear cropping


  • Canadian researchers conducted a study of the general public’s awareness and perceptions of tail docking and ear cropping of dogs
  • The researchers learned that a significant percentage of people seem to believe some dogs of certain breeds are simply born with cropped ears and docked tails
  • They also learned that surgically altered dogs are perceived as more aggressive and dominant than dogs with their natural tails and ears
  • Researchers believe many people turn a blind eye to what’s involved in tail docking and ear cropping because it makes them uncomfortable
  • The biggest advocates of these medically unnecessary procedures in the U.S. are dog breeders and the American Kennel Club

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