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Watch Out for This Risky Liver-Destroying Pet Food

If you give your pup these pet foods, she's at much greater risk for an uncomfortable and dangerous liver disease. Ask your vet for these specific tests immediately if you suspect she may have it. Here are the 10 symptoms to watch out for.

chronic active hepatitis

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  • Chronic active hepatitis (CAH) is a condition in which there is persistent and progressive inflammation of the liver. Eventually, the inflammatory process results in the disease known as cirrhosis of the liver
  • Most cases of CAH have no known cause. The condition is most often seen in middle-aged or older female dogs, and certain breeds are predisposed
  • Symptoms include lack of appetite, vomiting, weight loss, jaundice, and fluid build-up in the abdomen
  • Treatment of CAH focuses on treating the underlying cause if it is known, decreasing liver inflammation, and slowing or stopping the progression of the disease

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