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A Vet’s Dire Warning: ‘This Product Can Kill Your Cat’

This heartbroken vet couldn't save these poisoned kitties - and laments that the lettering on the package just wasn't bold enough. Don't make the same tragic mistake - or one that can unexpectedly happen while trying to relieve your own aches and pains.

top 10 cat poisons


  • Five cats recently became very ill after their owners applied topical pain relief creams containing the prescription medication flurbiprofen, a nonsteroidal anti-inflammatory drug (NSAID)
  • Three of the five cats did not survive, and their necropsies showed evidence of NSAID toxicity
  • It isn’t known exactly how the cats ingested the topical medications, but it’s likely they either licked their owners after the creams or lotions were applied, or their owners handled the cats after applying the medication without washing their hands

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