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Pet Immunization: Far Riskier Than You Might Think, yet Highly Promoted by Vets

Make this mistake, and you'll throw money away - along with your precious pet's health. Vets have a strong financial incentive to promote this. Here's what I recommend instead. But don't be gouged - some vets ask ridiculous fees. Here's what you should really expect to pay.

pet immunization


  • August is National Immunization Awareness Month, and while the goal of the traditional veterinary community is to promote pet vaccinations, it’s important for pet guardians to understand the difference between “vaccination” and “immunization”
  • Immunization, not automatic re-vaccination, should be the goal. If an animal has achieved long-lasting immunity from a previous vaccination, re-vaccination offers no benefit, only risk
  • Knowledgeable pet parents insist on antibody titer tests to measure their dog’s or cat’s immunity to disease, and opt out of unnecessary, potentially risky re-vaccinations

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