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This Preventable Pest Can Make Your Cat Sick to the Point of Death (Not Mosquitoes)

Can inflict your precious kitty with any of these 5 illnesses - all potentially fatal. One can be passed to human family members. Prevention is key to keeping your kitty and her humans healthy throughout this pesky season and beyond. What to know today.

tick borne diseases cats


  • Cats become sick from tick-borne illnesses, though not as often as dogs
  • Tick-borne diseases that occur in cats include cytauxzoonosis, tularemia, haemobartonellosis, babesiosis, and ehrlichiosis
  • Since tick-borne infections can be life threatening, prevention is key. If your cat goes outdoors, he should be under your direct supervision or within a secure outdoor enclosure
  • Any cat with outdoor access should be checked for ticks each evening, especially during the warmer months of the year. It’s also a good idea to apply a safe tick repellent or all-natural flea and tick collar made specifically for cats

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