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5 Signs Your Pet May Be Losing Her Eyesight

There are many reasons that dogs and cats can go blind at any age. Is your pet showing any of these telltale signs? Four things you can do to help prevent blindness, and how to help your vision-impaired pet feel secure and comfortable at home.

pet blindness

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  • Partial or complete blindness in dogs and cats can be present from birth, the result of an injury or illness, or the result of an age-related eye disease
  • Causes of pet blindness that are not congenital or age-related include several medical conditions of the eye, diabetes, high blood pressure, stroke, and cancer
  • Symptoms of a gradual loss of vision in a cat or dog include misjudging heights, bumping into things, disorientation, and a change in the appearance of the eyes
  • There are many things guardians of partially or completely blind pets can do to help them feel secure and comfortable at home, including keeping their environment unchanged, and avoiding loud noises and sudden movements

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