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8 Things Your Pet Wants You to Know

If your pet could talk, these are the 8 things he or she would most want you to know. But since your dog or cat can't speak up, I'm going to give you a helping hand to better understand their fears, wants, frustrations, and needs.

interpreting pets thoughts feelings


  • Our animal companions can’t talk, but if they could, there are many things they might tell us
  • If your dog or cat could talk, he could tell you when he’s feeling sick or has pain. And he could help you understand his moods by letting you know when he’s feeling scared or angry
  • Overweight pets might ask their guardians to help them lose weight, get more exercise, or improve their diet
  • Lonely or bored pets might ask their owners to help them make friends, and pets with behavior issues might ask for help in learning better conduct

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