These articles feature Dr. Becker’s interviews with experts from different fields, all sharing the same passion and advocacy to improve the health and welfare of animals around the world. Gain valuable wisdom and insights from these amazing individuals, and become the best advocate you can be for your pet!
Sarah MacKeigan - helping dogs owners when trauma strikes

Helping Dogs and Their Owners When Trauma Strikes

On this final day of our Creating Healthy, Happy Pets Week, my guest is one who made the leap from humans to animals, recognizing the immense challenges dogs face with mobility after sustaining an injury or profound trauma. Could your dog benefit from online mobility coaching?
9 min read
Dr. Richard Patton - helping animals eat better food

Why Your Pet Seems Just Fine Eating Any Food

Taught by animals and their owners, this world-renowned animal nutritionist exposes the 900-pound gorilla sitting in many pet food bowls. Find out why the most economical - and most popular - approach to feeding pets may appear to meet your pet's needs today but implode on you later.
14 min read
Q&A with Dr. Becker

Questions Answered About Creating Healthy, Happy Pets

Today I'm answering questions submitted on our online platforms from our special Creating Healthy, Happy Pets Week. Find answers here to your questions on vaccines, omega-3s, parasites, trachea issues, CBD, detox, the ideal way to feed your pet (including kitties with kidney disease) and much more.
15 min read
Laurie McCauley - secret oldest dogs
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The Secret of the Oldest Dogs in the World

It took an unfortunate fall down a flight of stairs at 3:00 am while letting her dogs out for this board-certified rehabilitation specialist expert to realize the importance of exercise for both dogs and cats. Find out more about the two types of physical exercise your pet needs for a healthy life.
10 min read